Friends of Foxfire

Our organization is about serving, about constantly working to be the best versions of ourselves, and about community. Nothing we do would be possible without those in the larger community who have supported us and who continue to show their support through volunteering time and expertise, giving monetary donations, and providing materials and space. We are endlessly grateful for your support.

Individuals who support Foxfire:

Justin Laughter

Sandra Fields

Terri Bowers

Bill Harbour

Lily Goetz

Robert Laughter

Kristen and Bill Dahlke and family

Gavin Howard

Logan Campbell

Leigha McReynolds

Sean Farley

María Fernanda Oseguera

J. Dave Silvia

Helen P. Warriner-Burke

Tracy Hinze

Evan Nicole Miller

Tiffany Redford Hall

Laura Willing

Kevin Shea

Barbara Atkinson Williams

Caitrin O’Shea

Kristin Eadie Jacobs

Sarah Grier Barber

Lynette Holman

Chris Webb

Jennifer Beleu Janus

Dave Weber

Darla Ward

Tony and Joanie Cundiff

Jay Pettit

Emily Schneider

Kerri Schneider

Kristina Peralez

Lisa Kinney

Diane Betzhold

Beth Major

Christian H. McDonald

Ann Cottrell

Erin Craig

Christine Pimblett

Abbegail Preddy

Sarah Brooks

Mary Beth Grier and family

Cindy Dale and family

Olivia Exum

Members of the business community who support Foxfire:

Threshold Counsel, PC

Virginia Equine, PLLC

Justin Phillips Farrier Service

Purina Feeds, through Tractor Supply Company in Ashland, VA, and Rockville, VA