Born:  1999            Breed: TB (Argentina)            JC: Civil Bond      Sponsor: Olivia Exum

Bond is a stoic, rather gentlemanly fellow, who arrived in the US in 2006 after a racing career in Argentina. Bond’s next speciality came in both eventing and a sport he calls, “hanging out with friends while having treats.”  Bond is tops at jumping, cross-country, and being polite. Although dressage continues to be “that other phase we have to do,” his improvement over time has been great, and his attitude is golden.  Bond truly loves when he’s allowed to open up and really run, and the big, back hill on XC at the VA Horse Center has never slowed him down.  Bond has taught many younger riders the realities of eventing. He’s patient, though a relatively strict teacher with the necessities, and he shows uncommon care and kindness when toddlers and small children are with him. Bond leads the gelding field, and is a benevolent dictator in that territory, though holds his own when challenged. His Foxfire favorites have lately been Ava, Caroline, Maddie, and Elana.  Maddie and Elana are able to visit on weekends, while Ava and Caroline are his travel buddies and part of his caretaker team.


Born: 2005   Breed: QH   QH Registry: URA Buckskin Lady   Sponsor: Cindy Dale

DD is the sweetest, silliest mare, and she has found her home with Foxfire after being a Western trail horse in Nevada and a pleasure horse here in VA.  She learned the basics of arena riding, dressage, jumping, and eventing through Heldergate Stables youth programs before joining Foxfire in 2017. DD often leads the group on trails, and she is generally popular with dressage judges, despite her appearance of having been put together with the body from one kit, legs from another. Her jump is high and athletic, and she will be continuing jump training this year.  Her Foxfire favorite is Grace, our youngest team member, whom she has taught walk, trot, posting, and beginning dressage movements, as well as countless other ground and care skills.  DD’s other special Foxfire friends include Isadora, whom she taught from first-time rider through first dressage tests, and Maddie, whom she likes to lead around and around and around the mounting block in search of grass, but who gives her a supremely balanced and constructive ride every time.

Boss Man

Born: 2007   Breed: QH   QH Registry: Fancy’s Boss Man   Sponsor: The Oseguera Family

Boss Man is everyone’s go-to for a good laugh. Boss is in your pocket and always up for a cuddle.  He helps manage the gelding field as Bond’s VP. Often fooled by the pudgy exterior layer of *something* that hides his muscles, riders and spectators are always surprised by his lovely movement and agility in dressage, and his athleticism over jumps. Boss’ relationship with his favorite human, Kylie, has been a pleasure to witness over the years. Never has a horse seemed to show such single-minded devotion to a human as when he began working with her.  Boss remained Kylie’s “mane” man throughout high school, and they still enjoy their weekly times together as she cares for him and his friends every Monday.  As life has come at them a bit, Boss has also had time to bestow his talents and generosity on other riders, and has taught several kids the basics and more. His most recent job has been to teach our newest Foxfire rider, Crystal, as she continues learning alongside her daughters through service to Foxfire, and now through actual saddle time!  Boss began his mommy-and-me teachings over the summer, and they continue to progress!


Born: 2007   Breed: Budyonny    Registry: Juliette   Sponsor: The Grier Family

Juliette is a Budyonny, a breed of Russian Sport Horse known for being incredibly smart and headstrong. Juliette certainly lives up to the stereotype, and she has an opinion on just about everything. With her hair “full of secrets,” and her *ahem* leadership, Juliette has been compared to Regina George on more than one occasion. Similarly, Juliette believes she is in charge in the mare field, which may be true.  Fortunately, though a bit bossy and generally ready to make herself the center of attention, Juliette is as sweet as can be, and most enjoys snuggles with her favorite slave human, Ella.  Ella and Juliette have been able to learn and progress together awesomely in the sport of eventing over the years. Ella knows her quirks better than anyone, and Juliette knows Ella’s, too. Their partnership is a pleasure to follow, both at the farm and on Instagram, where they share an account.  The remainder of The Empress’ Juliette’s adoring throng, her entourage, her court of devoted slaves friends includes Lily and Elana, among others. Lily has learned and continues to grow in dressage, jumped way too high, and had some of her best rides with Jules. She devotedly slogs through mud and poo to care for Juliette and her friends every Friday, and would spend hours just watching her simply exist, if allowed. Though often given quite a bit to work on, Elana rose to the challenge and stuck with Juliette whenever possible, even when given easier options. Though dimly aware she faces competition for Elana from Bond, Juliette seems secure in her sense of self… As always.


Born: 1988 or before   Breed: TB   JC: not traceable  Sponsor: The Warren Family

Ellie is truly the Queen Mother of Foxfire. Her show name, George Eliot, is appropriate, with her strong character and her abilities equal to that of any man, though often underestimated.  After years of racing, followed by upper-level show-jumping, Ellie was cast off as she grew older and could no longer tackle the 5-foot+ courses. She was handed around, then eventually removed from her living enclosure by animal control, and given to a horse rescue in VA. Ellie was adopted in 2009 by a program, rehabbed, and became a favorite to all who knew her with her pretty movements, quiet love, surprising athleticism, and incredible aptitude for everything she tried.  She connected with her best friend, her human, Sydney, several years ago. Through learning about training, human rehab, and finally climbing the stairs to eventing, the two have been together ever since. Theirs has been a beautiful journey of a horseless rider and riderless horse meeting each other halfway at the perfect moment, and helping each other grow.  Ellie continues to impress with her amazing attitude and ability, and is devoted to Sydney, who patiently works herself to be able to brings out the best in their partnership.


Born:   Breed Registry:    Sponsor:

What happens when Team Foxfire agrees to help with pony rides at the Goochland Fire Department’s annual fundraiser? Oh, nothing… They just come home with… A WHOLE PONY!  Fabio is the newest and smallest Foxfire family member, and he’s stealing hearts with his tiny stature and huge personality. Roommates and fast friends with Pedro, the two spend their time courting the farm owners’ mare, Gracie, and being small but spectacular.  Stay tuned for more as we all get to know Fabio better!


Born: 2004   Breed: Mustang

Pedro is the resident gentleman of the farm. He became a Foxfire resident in June of this year and has thrived on all the attention and care he has received since. He was adopted at an auction in South Carolina from the Bureau of Land Management as a yearling  after being rounded up from his herd in northeast Nevada. Pedro quickly realized humans were not to be feared and was eager to learn. After mastering basic ground manners and being desensitized to the domestic horse life he was trained under saddle as a three year old.  He then traveled the east coast with his owner, spending four years in Mississippi before she set down roots in Goochland, Virginia. Durning his travels he expanded his horizons going from trusted pleasure/trail horse, to dressage and then Eventing. Although the trail is his favorite place to be, he has proven very versatile, readily performing dressage movements and steadily going over any jump asked of him (as long as he knows his rider is committed). He is reaching his mid teens but hasn’t slowed down a bit, ready for any challenge. When not eating up affection from his people, he can be found with his lady friend Gracie and tiny but feisty buddy Fabio.


Born: 2008   Breed: TB   JC: Her Deputy    Sponsor: Mary Beth Grier

-Scout’s info-

Her partner in crime, potentially second in command in the field is Juliette, and the sisters-from-another-mister mares enjoy confusing dads, guests, vet techs, and the significant others of the adult volunteers by looking almost exactly alike.


Born: 2007   Breed:   Oldenburg   Sponsor: Olivia Exum

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Born: 2011   Breed: TB    Sponsor: Olivia Exum