Wish List

The following are one-time projects, as well as ongoing expenses Foxfire has. Please consider making a contribution through our donations page, or sending a donation toward one of the following:


  • *URGENT NEED*    water and electric lines from current pump to Foxfire fields: project estimate: $1600
  • *URGENT NEED*   lights around riding arena: project estimate: $2000-$7000- TBD by consultant


  • extra hay for all nine horses for winter: $400 / month
  • shavings: $240 / month
  • horse feed for all nine horses: $425 / month
  • fly spray refills (summer): $150 / month
  • farrier care: $100-140 / month per horse, depending on horse
  • travel to Denny Emerson and Daryl Kinney for spring training and learning: $200 per horse; $150 per rider

Interested in sponsoring a particular horse? Meet them on our Horses page!

  • Horses with the highest involvement in all youth programs:  DD, Bond, Boss Man, Juliette
  • Horses with highest travel/competition expenses: Juliette, Bond, Sid
  • Horses needing special supplements in their feed: Pedro, Scout, Remy, Bond
  • Horses with highest regular medical needs: Remy, Scout
  • Oldest horse on the team: Ellie
  • Horses with the most colorful histories: Ellie, Bond, Pedro

Please consider helping meet any of these needs through our Donations page!